Hannah Raisin’s Between You And Me, performance at Box Copy in Brisbane

IMG_2325 IMG_2341 Between you and me 1 BRISBANE Between you and me 2 BRISBANE.jpg 

K’gari (Fraser Island)

Kgari (Fraser) islandDCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO

Will Heathcote Untitled Photograph

Will Heathcote_Untitled#3

Will Heathcote The Painted Landscape: documentation of site works

Will Heathcote_Landscape Painting#6

Will Heathcote_Landscape Painting#5Will Heathcote_Landscape Painting_Working StillWill Heathcote_Landcsape Painting#7


Will Heathcote_Landcsape Painting #3

Conjoin, Will Heathcote and Hannah Raisin.  exhibition Wish You were here

Hannah Raisin_Will Heathcote_Conjoin


HotelJuliet60_Working Still

Hannah Raisin Sarlarcc, 2013, Video Still

Hannah Raisin_Grain

Will Heathcote_Almost Solid #7 Will Heathcote_Almost Solid #6 Will Heathcote_Almost Solid #5 Will Heathcote_Almost Solid #2Cooran

Working on the lovely Caitlan’s family property in Cooran with Jessie Lumb and Henry Jock Walker (Tarpspace)

IMG_0336 IMG_0358IMG_0297

Residue from Will Heathcote’s site specific explosion


Video stills and photographs from an on site performance. Will Heathcote and Hannah Raisin


White Ball 1wills balls

adding White Ball still 1


dress rehearsal dear carollee 5Dear Carolee.. Rehearsal Nimbin

Nimbin commune dress rehearsal for Hannah’s performance ‘Dear Carolee, Love Cindy, Love Hannah’ in Channels Memory Screen performance. Complete with impromptu python.

red bluff coral texture 4 red bluff texture 6